This is a custom made "Call of Cthulhu" keeper rule-book. A completely different mixed media handmade book​ ​covers. A process took so long to get finished! The book inside is an original printed and purchased copy was bound under new cover pages. Cover pages made out of wood.​ ​Brand new woods aged and distressed by fire and water and some weathering exposure. No additional colour added. Rusted effects and nails also added to the general distorted look of the covers. The mini sculpture is made out of gyps and clay. Water effects made by using resin (liquid glass) in several layers. All scripts and symbols are engraved on the woods. The inner pages are burned to the edges and lightly coloured for giving an aged look as well. Also, a Cthulhu image of my own painted on the left.
​​***One of a kind***
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