Leather long pipe, tobacco and accessories pouches. 
There is a compartment with a zipper to accommodate a long smoking pipe, a pocket for the pipe cleaners, one small for the pipe tools as well as one hidden under the removable tobacco pouch. The tobacco pouch is detachable with the use of a snap fastener. Also, available with detachable leather straps to wear it as a shoulder bag as well as a smaller belt strap.
Outer ​Roll​ dimensions​
43​0​ ​mm (W) x 11​0​ ​mm (H) (25​0​ ​mm opened) x 8​0​-9​0​  (D) closed

Smoking Pipe ​pocket: 43​0 mm​ (W) x 10​0​  (H) x 5​0​ ​mm (D)
​Pipe cleaners & Hidden under the tobacco pouch pocket: ​187 mm (W) x 64 mm (H)
​Pipe cleaner tools: 37 mm (W) x 64 mm (H)​
Tobacco pouch: 175 ​mm (W) x 95 ​mm ​(H) x 1​0​ ​mm (D)
For custom orders please contacting me at morgenland@gmail.com

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